Hole, Earth, Catalog is an email newsletter that publishes poetry, fiction, and essays critically engaged with modes and social relations of value production. We like writing that employs an expanded ecological consciousness attuned to the expiration of capital.

A single issue consists of several emails sent over a certain period of time.

Lily Bartle

Elliott Cost / Bell Kiosk

“If commodities could speak, they would say this:: our use:yaJq_e_may. int~:t~§t.meE:!...l>~Ut does not be~~- .t.jects: What does belc:>ng to tis as ooj’eets~--however, is our value. OUr own intercourse as commodities proves it. We relate to each other merely as exchange-values. Now listen how those commodities speak through the mouth of the economist: ‘. . . A man or a community is rich, a pearl or a •· diamond is valuable . . . A pearl or a diamond is valuable as a pearl or diamond.’” – Karl Marx, Capital, Vol. 1, 176–177.